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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tenafly Trees Being Inspected

Due to a mixture of natural disasters and human developments, the borough of Tenafly is looking into how to repopulate the area with trees throughout the community. In a statement by the mayor of Tenafly, the community has always prided itself on being a “tree community,” however at this point in time is actually losing more trees than are being planted and as a result is losing ground rapidly.

While it is agreed that community development is important (trees being lost to road repaving being just one example of Tenafly’s tree woes) there is now more emphasis on putting up trees in “smart locations” where they can flourish without being hazardous to people or preventing necessary construction. These days the borough plants replacement trees on a case-by-case basis, however there is also an issue of some replacement trees not receiving the proper care during adolescent growth stages and dying quickly as a result. A growing emphasis will hopefully be placed on replacing lost greenery.

Amazing Tree Service is a professional tree care company that can perform tree removal in Passaic County, and while the focus here is planting more trees sometimes there are situations where a tree removal is the best way to improve the general environment. Sick or deteriorated trees leftover from storms can form weak junctions where new limbs grow on old stems that cannot support the new weight. Additionally, rot and disease can spread from old trees to new trees quickly and completely, so getting rid of one sick tree amidst newly planted trees can ensure the longevity and lifespan of the entire grove.

For more information about the tree efforts in Tenafly or to inquire about a tree removal in your area, contact Amazing Tree Service today by calling 973-343-6868.

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