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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Does Money Grow On Trees?

A recent survey in Australia has published results that gold deposits are actually being absorbed by the roots of eucalyptus and transporting microscopic amounts of gold to the leaves of these trees. While it has been known by scientists for some time that plants can absorb minerals, the idea that trees can indicate the presence of gold underground spells exciting changes to come in the field of gold prospecting.

The eucalyptus tree can have roots that dig over 100 feet underground in search of water – an adaptation necessary to live in the arid Australian climate – and apparently these roots have literally struck gold. The amount of gold is extremely small that is carried inside the tree itself, about 80 parts per billion in the leaves, but the sign of the gold inside the plant signals that the area is rich in the mineral deposits and can lead to startling advances in the mining industry.

Unfortunately, there are no trees in North Jersey that are known to absorb gold. Despite this fact, trees are an important part of the cosmetic and environmental aspects of the towns and parks that we love so much, and a world-class tree company in New Jersey can help you with any tree issue you have efficiently and quickly. If you have more questions about the trees in your area, talk to an expert today by calling 973-343-6868.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tree Diseases are a Serious Concern

While most people have probably heard about the devastating impact that the mountain pine beetle has had in South Dakota and the Black Hills, there are many harmful tree diseases in New Jersey that can be lurking right in your back yard ready to cause some serious damage. The expert arborists at Amazing Tree Service can help you diagnose some obvious forms of tree sickness with some tips that will save you a huge hassle down the road.
  • Asian Longhorned Beetle – this invasive species attacks most kinds of trees and can cause some serious harm to their hosts. The beetles bore large holes inside the trunks of trees and the only way to contain these trees is to have tree removal in NJ that completely destroys the trees as well as the beetles.
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch – this tree disease prevents water from nourishing the leaves and extremities of trees until they slowly waste away from thirst. It can take years to completely kill a tree this way, but the brown and dead leaves throughout the year make this disease easy to spot.
  • Gypsy Moth – an insect that feeds on trees and shrubs, this moth mostly prefers the plentiful oak trees found throughout the state. An invasive species, the gypsy moth is currently in 19 states and can be treated through pesticides or naturally occurring bacterial control. The stress caused by this moth can make trees more susceptible to boring caterpillars or defoliation.
  • Verticillium Fungus – this tree disease lives in the soil and dirt, but spreads through water and wind. This fungus blocks water from going up the roots of a tree and keeping the host healthy. Trees with this disease will appear brown and dead, even in the spring and summer. Pruning or tree trimming in NJ can have an impact on stopping this deadly disease from spreading.

These are some of the leading causes of tree sickness throughout New Jersey, and we believe that you will be able to notice the symptoms of any of these issues in a timely enough way to save your trees. The tree experts from Amazing Tree Service can perform inspections on your trees and help you spot countless other diseases that have very subtle symptoms only a professional can detect.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tenafly Trees Being Inspected

Due to a mixture of natural disasters and human developments, the borough of Tenafly is looking into how to repopulate the area with trees throughout the community. In a statement by the mayor of Tenafly, the community has always prided itself on being a “tree community,” however at this point in time is actually losing more trees than are being planted and as a result is losing ground rapidly.

While it is agreed that community development is important (trees being lost to road repaving being just one example of Tenafly’s tree woes) there is now more emphasis on putting up trees in “smart locations” where they can flourish without being hazardous to people or preventing necessary construction. These days the borough plants replacement trees on a case-by-case basis, however there is also an issue of some replacement trees not receiving the proper care during adolescent growth stages and dying quickly as a result. A growing emphasis will hopefully be placed on replacing lost greenery.

Amazing Tree Service is a professional tree care company that can perform tree removal in Passaic County, and while the focus here is planting more trees sometimes there are situations where a tree removal is the best way to improve the general environment. Sick or deteriorated trees leftover from storms can form weak junctions where new limbs grow on old stems that cannot support the new weight. Additionally, rot and disease can spread from old trees to new trees quickly and completely, so getting rid of one sick tree amidst newly planted trees can ensure the longevity and lifespan of the entire grove.

For more information about the tree efforts in Tenafly or to inquire about a tree removal in your area, contact Amazing Tree Service today by calling 973-343-6868.

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Common Tree Diseases

Many cities and towns have been forced to remove large amounts of trees. This is mostly in part to either pests or disease. They can affect one species of tree or a whole wooded area depending on the pest. Here is a list of some organisms that may affect trees in your area:

  • Aphids – Small insects that can range from the size of a pin head to a match head. They pierce leaves and stems of plants and young saplings and drain their fluids. One of the best solutions for these pests are lady bugs. They are the aphids natural predator.
  • Whiteflies – Small winged insects that fly in clouds when an infected plant is disturbed. Signs of infestation are yellow stippling and leaves curling and turning brown. They can often be removed with a powerful jet of water.
  • Oak Root Fungus – An infection that gradually destroys trees and woody plants by decaying their roots. The symptoms are dull yellowed leaves and sparse foliage. If a tree is infected with oak root fungus, you will see a layer of white fungal tissue under the bark of the trunk.
  • Powdery Mildew – Fungi that infects leaves, buds and flowers. It appears as a white circular patch and spreads rapidly. New growth may be stunted and blossoms may fail. 
  • Sudden Oak Death Syndrome – Usually occurs in heavily wooded areas. It can be fatal to some plants, including oaks. The pathogen itself is spread by a variety of host species and is also spread by wind-blown rain.

If any of the trees on your property suffer from any of these, or any other ailments, removal may be the best idea. Removing diseased trees before they spread to your property can end up saving you financially, as well as saving you a headache. If you are looking for tree removal in Essex County, call Amazing Tree Service today for a free tree removal estimate.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tree Removal Morris County NJ

Winter is coming and along with it are snowstorms and blizzards. This can be hazardous if diseased or dying trees are left during heavy snowfall. Each year, falling trees injure people and damage property. People are urged to report any damaged trees that they come across in parks and other such public places. Amazing Tree Services is a professional Morris County NJ tree removal company that high quality tree services at affordable prices. Our highly trained skilled technicians have the all  of the right knowledge and equipment to quickly and easily remove any trees.

Many things can hurt a tree. Along with storm damage, insects can also cause severe damage to trees. If this is the case, a bee relocator may remove the nest. Here are a few things that you can look for to see if a tree is damaged:

  1. Cracked or fallen branches
  2. Splits in the bark running along the trunk
  3. Leaning or uprooted trees
  4. Declining condition of trees

If you notice any of these things, a professional should be contacted for removal. If you would like more information on tree removal in Morris County NJ, contact Amazing Tree Services.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tree Removal NJ

With all of the recent storms that have hit the East Coast in recent months, many trees have been knocked damaged or uprooted altogether. It can be dangerous to leave them in this condition, especially as winter approaches. If heavy winds of snow hits a sick or dying tree, it could knock branches or the entire tree itself onto people or property below. It is best to get these things straightened out before the storms come. Amazing Tree Services is a professional tree company that provides several types of amazing tree removal NJ services at affordable rates.

Amazing tree services provide several types of tree removal services, including:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Stump grinding

It can be a hassle and even dangerous to remove a tree on your own. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians have the tools and knowledge to quickly and safely remove any dangerous trees or branches, even in tight and hard-to-reach spots.

We are a fully licensed and insured company that provides our services 24 hours a day. If you would like more information on any of our NJ tree removal services, contact Amazing Tree Services.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Storm Damage Forces Residents To Seek Tree Experts

According to a recent report by CNN, the strength of the storms in the Tri-State area on October 7th, 2013 caught many by surprise. Although no tornado touched down despite an all-day warning in many regions, northern New Jersey was left devastated in some areas. Fallen trees and poles were found throughout Bergen County and the outlying areas, and tree removal is now a priority for many who believed that the trees on their property were healthy enough to withstand any weather. The importance of tree inspection and maintenance has never been clearer to residents of North Jersey.

Some of the factors that can impact the strength and health of a tree are often overlooked by the average homeowner, but the experts at Amazing Tree Service have published some pointers that will allow owners of homes and businesses to brace their property for the many storms that occur throughout the fall and winter seasons.

  • If a tree endangers life or property because of proximity to a home or walkway, tree removal is a reasonable option to look into.
  • Look at the unions of your branches. Where branches fall off and regrow on older trees, the newer branch may be too heavy for the older stump to support. These branches should be pruned or trimmed to decrease the weight.
  • If there is mulch surrounding the base of your tree, pull it back and check to make sure the bark is not soft or peeling. Mulch can trap mold, fungus and disease against the trees so that the chance of sickness is higher. It is recommended that mulch be kept a minimum of six inches from the base of all trees.
  • Take steps to winterize your tree against insects. Sprays can be effective in keeping these critters from burrowing into the trunk.
  • It is the duty of every homeowner not to neglect the upkeep of house and property, and there is no more stark a reminder than when trees are falling down throughout the region. If you are worried that the next storm might be too much for your trees, contact Amazing Tree Service for an inspection.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Tree Tips

During the autumn months, tree limbs falling is a large risk that must be considered by home and business owners during their seasonal preparations. Amazing Tree Services helps clients throughout Northern New Jersey take care of their trees and ensure that people as well as property is safe from the potential of falling branches. Take some time and go over these fall tree care tips that will help you stay on top of yard maintenance.
  1. Spray for insects around the trees, since fall and winter is when these pests can burrow farther into a tree and cause serious damage.
  2. Keep mulch at least six inches from the trunk of a tree to prevent mold and fungal growth.
  3. Fertilize and feed your trees, keeping the pH level where it should be for the winter. Problems with pH can make limbs brittle and decaying.
  4. Scan your trees for weak unions and branch connections. If a new branch is growing on a weakened trunk, the weight can be too much for the tree to support.
  5. Make sure that you spend time watering your tree while you can, so that the roots and main trunk have as much nutrients and water as they will need for the coming months. Failing to do this can weaken your tree.
  6. If there are fallen trees or branches, take them off the property as soon as you can. These are not only breeding grounds for mold and insects, but can also contaminate healthy trees with disease and mold.
  7. Get pruning done to ensure that the branches that are a danger to walkways and homes are removed before it is too late.
  8. Chop up fallen branches for safety and to reduce the weight of a tree in the event of snowfall and wind.

These are only a few of the tips that the experts at Amazing Tree Service can provide to customers who are hunkering down for the winter. Preparation now could save you time and money down the road, so take some time and speak with an arborist on the best way to take care of your trees without resorting to a tree removal.

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