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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Storm Damage Forces Residents To Seek Tree Experts

According to a recent report by CNN, the strength of the storms in the Tri-State area on October 7th, 2013 caught many by surprise. Although no tornado touched down despite an all-day warning in many regions, northern New Jersey was left devastated in some areas. Fallen trees and poles were found throughout Bergen County and the outlying areas, and tree removal is now a priority for many who believed that the trees on their property were healthy enough to withstand any weather. The importance of tree inspection and maintenance has never been clearer to residents of North Jersey.

Some of the factors that can impact the strength and health of a tree are often overlooked by the average homeowner, but the experts at Amazing Tree Service have published some pointers that will allow owners of homes and businesses to brace their property for the many storms that occur throughout the fall and winter seasons.

  • If a tree endangers life or property because of proximity to a home or walkway, tree removal is a reasonable option to look into.
  • Look at the unions of your branches. Where branches fall off and regrow on older trees, the newer branch may be too heavy for the older stump to support. These branches should be pruned or trimmed to decrease the weight.
  • If there is mulch surrounding the base of your tree, pull it back and check to make sure the bark is not soft or peeling. Mulch can trap mold, fungus and disease against the trees so that the chance of sickness is higher. It is recommended that mulch be kept a minimum of six inches from the base of all trees.
  • Take steps to winterize your tree against insects. Sprays can be effective in keeping these critters from burrowing into the trunk.
  • It is the duty of every homeowner not to neglect the upkeep of house and property, and there is no more stark a reminder than when trees are falling down throughout the region. If you are worried that the next storm might be too much for your trees, contact Amazing Tree Service for an inspection.

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