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Friday, December 21, 2012

Tree Removal in NJ

Over the past few months, you may have noticed shattered and uprooted trees lying around all over the place. Hurricane Sandy left a pretty big mess of NJ and there is still a lot of cleaning up left to do. If your property still has trees and branches strewn about, Amazing Tree Services offers amazing services for tree removal in NJ.

We are fully insured and offer expert service affordable prices. All services come with a full guarantee that customers will be 100% satisfied. We are focused in, but are not exclusive to Passaic, Morris and Essex Counties in NJ.

A damaged tree can be very dangerous. Not only can the trees themselves fall on a house or vehicle at any moment, but weak and dangling branches can also prove to be problematic. We advise you call professionals for tree removal in NJ. Do not wait for a tragedy.

We offer a variety of tree services including:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning
  • Stump grinding

These services not only make your yard look nicer, but also keep it healthy. Pruning provides more sunlight for your grass and plants. We offer crown cleaning and raising, canopy pruning
and understory reduction.

Although many people leave stumps in their yard, a dead stump can attract insects and cause weed growth. Stump grinding is a dangerous process and we advise you to call a professional. We also do seasonal cleanups and offer firewood.

We own all of our own equipment, including trucks and cranes, and can offer crane and plow services for reasons not specific to trees. We also provide our service 24 hours a day in case of emergencies. For more information on NJ tree removal or any of our other services, call 973-343-6868 for a free estimate.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Morristown NJ Tree Removal

Hurricane Sandy left a lot of towns a mess this past fall. Trees all over the state were broken and uprooted. If you have trees, branches and stumps throughout your yard and need tree removal in Morristown NJ, you should call Amazing Tree Service. Like our name implies, we offer amazing tree services including but not limited to tree removal.

Trees damaged by the storm can be dangerous. There is a chance they may collapse at any time endangering houses, vehicles, and even people. Our workers are skilled and know how to remove trees with as little risk as possible. We are insured and guarantee that yards are left clean of any debris.

On top of Morristown NJ tree removal, we offer many other tree services. Trimming is also very important. Branches left dangling after Hurricane Sandy can cause just as much damage as a falling tree.

We also offer tree pruning services. Not only does pruning help keep your trees look nicer, it also allows more sunlight to the grass to keep that healthier. Our technicians are fully trained with pruning knowledge and skilled in:

  • Crown cleaning
  • Crown raising
  • Canopy pruning
  • Understory reduction

We also provide stump grinding services. While many people may leave stumps in their yards, it is not only unsightly, but it can also attract insects and weeds. It can be a dangerous process. If you are not experienced, calling a professional is recommended.

We own all of our own cranes, trucks and tools. Crane and plow services are available for other non-tree usages. We are located in Dover and provide service throughout Morris, Passaic, and Essex County. For more info on Morristown NJ tree removal call 973-343-6868.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tree Company Essex County,NJ

If your home still has fallen trees and debris from hurricane sandy and you need a tree services in Essex County,NJ  read on. Dealing with the hurricane's after math and repair can be really frustrating, you must get a reputable tree removing service to assist you. You have to keep in mind the safety of your family by getting professionals to do the job.

Amazing Tree Services provides its customer with all kinds of tree services such as removal, trimming, pruning and grinding. We are proud to serve all our customers all over New Jersey and provide them with quality service that is affordable. Our team is highly experienced and we have all the equipment to carry out all jobs efficiently. When you hire us to be your tree company in Essex County NJ your you get the best tree service in the area.

If you need a tree removal in Essex County, NJ at 973-343-6868.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Tree Service in NJ

Tree Services NJ | Tree Removal Service NJ | Tree Service NJ - Image 1
Our tree company in Bergen County, NJ provides top quality tree services throughout New Jersey. Our fully guaranteed and insured tree company in NJ specializes in tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding and much more. 

We are dedicated to provide our customers with the very best in tree care services and tree removal in NJ. Our fully insured, expert crew of tree technicians is knowledgeable and skilled in all of our services. Our tree company in NJ will never subcontract work to other contractors, and we own all of the vehicles, machinery and equipment that we use. Our crews are closely familiar with all equipment and we take all means necessary to ensure that we maximize safety, productivity and efficiency. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Call today for your FREE tree service estimate! We are happy answer any questions you have about our tree services as well.
Tree Trimming NJ | Tree Company NJ | Tree Service NJ - Image
Scan the QR Code with a smart phone today to speak with a tree removal company today! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tree Removal in NJ

Making sure that your back yard or front yard look beautiful can be a tough task. The petunias need to be organized in a certain way, the dandelions must be get enough water and the daffodils need to be set up in rows, not in columns. For the most part, you can handle all these tasks by yourself and are the true creator and ruler of your yard. We ask that when it comes to your beloved trees that you maintain the right to rule over your wondrous kingdom but that you allow a reputable tree service company to help you with certain aspects of tree upkeep and tree removal in NJ.

Amazing Tree Service has been in the the tree industry for many years and has emerged as one of the most reliable tree companies in NJ. We are a fully guaranteed and insured tree company that specializes in providing our clients with a plethora of tree services, such as tree pruning, tree trimming and tree removal in NJ. Our company owns all of our equipment from cranes, tool to trucks and supplies, which ensures that we can handle any task, big or small, with the highest efficiency and lowest cost since we do not have to deal with third parties. Each one of our technicians is deeply knowledgeable and vastly experienced, we are honored to say that we are certified by the ISA as a “Certified Arborist”, a feat that is highly recognized. This certification confirms that we provide the high quality in all of our services, from stump removal to tree removal in NJ.

If you are interested in getting a free estimate or have questions about any of our services please do not hesitate to call us at: 973-343-6868! Remember, its still your lawn, we just want to help you achieve your vision.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Quality Tree Services in Passaic County, NJ

So what's the deal with those trees? I mean, they sprout up on all of our lawns and require a tree service in Passaic County, NJ whenever they have problems? I mean, come on?! 

Okay, Jerry Seinfeld references aside, dealing with trees really can be quite a hassle. Without the proper know-how, those weekend DIY projects could turn into serious issues. Save yourself the time and trouble of dealing with tree care by relying on the professionals over at Amazing Tree Service! We handle any and all tree issues with professional, quality workmanship.

Years of experience have allowed us here at Amazing Tree Services to hone our skills and provide only the best tree service in Passaic County,NJ. Because we own all of our own equipment and machinery, our services afford our customers with efficient jobs at a low cost. Some of our services include:

- Tree Removals
- Tree Trimming
- Tree Pruning
- Stump Grinding

The next time you or someone you know is in the market for a tree service in Passaic County, NJ, remember that Amazing Tree Services is the place to turn to. Quality services, expert workmanship and great customer service are things you can expect. For more information on any of our tree care services, visit our website. To reach us by phone, dial 973-343-6868. Give us a call today to speak to a knowledgeable tree expert and get a free quote!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tree Service in Essex County

The proper care and maintenance of your trees can be a difficult task to do. A lot of things are involved in making sure that the trees in your lawn or garden are kept in optimal condition, cutting, pruning, clean-up, etc. It is even possible that after you look at all your handiwork, the landscape looks the same or even worse. It is best to leave this type of tree care to a professional and reliable tree service in Essex County. Though there may be different tree care companies out there, none of them is as amazing as Amazing Tree Service.

Our tree service in Essex County has been in the industry for many years. We have worked on countless jobs, small and big, and provided our customers with exceptional customer service. All of our tree technicians are experts in their fields and we have the ISA certification to prove it. Our tree service in Essex County can provide you with these services:
  • Tree Removal 
  • Tree Trimming 
  • Stump Grinding 
  • Tree Pruning 
Amazing Tree Service even provides our clients with a free estimate so that our clients can agree with our price and our time table. If you have any questions over our services or want a free estimate please do not hesitate to call us at 973-343-6868!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Morris County Tree Services

One of the easiest ways to enhance the look of your home is by maintaining a beautiful landscape. If you have gorgeous, healthy trees surrounding your property, it is a positive reflection on you and your house. On the flip-side, a super fast way to detract from your home's appearance, is by having a damaged tree, loose branches and stumps lying around. That is when you need to call Amazing Tree Services for your tree service in Morris County, NJ needs.

At Amazing Tree Services, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of tree services in Morris County, NJ.Including:

  • Tree Removal – if a tree is in danger of falling and creating a safety hazard, we are licensed to remove it with minimal mess and maximum efficiency.
  • Tree Trimming – if parts of the tree are on the verge of breaking off, or touching another person's property, we will be happy to take care of it before tree branches fall on an unsuspecting pedestrian or cause damage to somebody's home.
  • Tree Pruning – just like you may trim your hair to flatter your face, trees need to be trimmed and shaped to make your yard look as beautiful as possible.
  • Stump Grinding – to cut costs, some homeowners may be inclined to just leave a tree stump on their land, in lieu of going through the trouble and cost of removal. But, a leftover tree stump can attract weeds and insects, which nobody appreciates. By removing the stump, you can make your vegetation healthier.

All of these services come with a free estimate. Our tree service professionals are expertly trained and full equipped to handle any kind of tree-related issue, large or small. We have the right machinery and level of experience to accommodate you. We are also more than happy to offer suggestions and advice: for example, with tree pruning, we can help you figure out the best way to organize the greenery to optimize sunlight and open space. If you have any other additional questions or concerns about tree services in Morris County, NJ, please call us at: 973-343-6868.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tree Company in Passaic County

Waking up in the morning and looking outside to a wondrous landscape of natural greenery can make any morning an easier one to bear. One of the most pleasing aspects to glance at out the window are the trees. They are the biggest part of the landscape and they are one of the first thing peoples' eyes look toward. Because of the aforementioned reasons, it is essential to have a proper tree company in Passaic County on call to make sure that your trees are always in good condition. Amazing Tree Services provides the services necessary to ensure that your trees are always looking picture-perfect.
All of the technicians at our tree company in Passaic County have years of experience and knowledge, ensuring that every task that we do is done in a cost and time effective manner. We primarily specialize in four areas that are:
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Removal/ Grinding
Our tree company in Passaic County is fully insured and guaranteed, allowing for a stress-free environment for our clients. We take pride in our ability to provide exceptional customer service at great and affordable prices. If you have any questions about any of our services, please do not hesitate to call us at: 973-343-6868!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tree Company in Essex County

A beautiful yard or lawn is key to turning your home into a beautiful masterpiece. It could also add value to your home, but to get these results, it is necessary to hire a professorial tree company in Essex County that can provide you with the results you expect.
Amazing Tree Service understands that our clients work hard for their money and that is why when we work on a job or project, we work in a time and cost-effective manner. We are a fully-insured and licensed tree company in Essex County that provides our clients with these types of tree services.
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
All of our work is supervised by the owner and is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. At Amazing Tree Service, we also never sub-contract our jobs. We own the equipment and machinery we use, ensuring that our clients do not have deal with anyone else but our tree company in Essex County. This allows for an easier customer to company interaction.

If you have any questions about our services or want a free estimate, do not hesitate to call us at 973-343-6868!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tree Removal in Morris County NJ

Tree removal in Morris County NJ could be necessary for various reasons. Perhaps a tree on your property is damaged from a storm or maybe you recognize the symptoms of a dying or diseased tree in your backyard.

No matter what the size of the problematic tree is, Amazing Tree Service can provide you with the tree removal services you need. A damaged, dying or diseased tree could potentially fall over and damage property and cause injury to anyone in the tree's perimeter. Do not take any risks.

If you think that you may need tree removal in Morris County NJ, call Amazing Tree Service and ask for an expert's opinion. For a free tree service estimate, contact us at 973-343-6868.

Tree Removal in NJ

Tree Removal in NJ can sometimes be viewed negatively. It can be seen as a greedy way to damage our planet's natural resources, but this too simple of a view on the matter.
Like most living things, there comes a time where disease and death come knocking on the door. Trees are no exception to the rule. When this time occurs, tree removal in NJ becomes imminent and it is best to leave the job in the hands of the professionals. For any tree services you may need, you can rely on Amazing Tree Services.
At Amazing Tree Services, we are a fully-qualified and fully-insured tree service company that can provide services to many towns and counties in Northern NJ. Our company takes pride in our ability to provide our customers with the best services in tree removal in NJ, and we strive to be one of the most time-efficient and cost-effective companies out in the market.
Amazing Tree Service promises to leave the designated area impeccably clean when we are done with our job and we even offer to cut the remains into firewood for you. Here are some of the services we provide:
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
If you are looking for tree removal in NJ or if you have any questions about our services, please do no be afraid to contact us so that one of our knowledgeable representatives can speak to you about a free estimate! Call us at: 973-343-6868!T

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tree Trimming in NJ

Tree Trimming in NJ is an essential service required to ensure your trees don't pose a danger to friends, neighbors, and passersby. Large branches can be very dangerous, especially when they grow big enough to break and fall. For this reason, Amazing Tree Service NJ offers a fully insured, fully licensed tree trimming service in NJ.

Amazing Tree Service NJ utilizes the most modern tree trimming machinery to ensure precision, efficiency, and most of all, safety for the tree and ourselves. A large tree will be able to easily withstand losing a branch, even one big enough to be in danger of falling. That said, if too much is cut, or if the tree is cut inefficiently, it could cause serious damage.

Please contact Amazing Tree Service today if you are in need of tree trimming in NJ. We are highly skilled, professional, fully licensed, and fully insured. We are more than able to deal with any tree-related problem you may have.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tree Pruning Benefits Trees

Tree pruning in NJ can be the difference between lively green foliage on your lawn and dead and diseased branches hanging limply from your trees.

Amazing Tree Services is a full-service tree company that specializes in pruning trees for various reasons.

Tree pruning in NJ is necessary to promote and maintain the healthiness of your trees. Every tree needs to be pruned at some point in its lifetime to stay alive.

When a young tree is pruned, it helps to shape the way the tree is going to grow. It also helps with early tree care, such as fostering healthy growth of foliage.

More mature trees are generally pruned to remove dead, dying or diseased branches to ensure that growth of foliage and the life of the tree itself are both in good condition.

Tree pruning in NJ is also done to reduce the size of the canopy, therefore letting more light flood your yard, and to decrease the number of branches that are near your home to avoid potentially damaging situations.

When you call Amazing Tree Services for tree pruning, our professionals will provide you with expertly executed services of the highest quality for your complete satisfaction.

In addition to tree pruning, our professionals also offer canopy pruning, crown cleaning, crown raising and understory reduction.

All of these services can be offered year-round; however, there are times when it is better to prune certain types of trees. Aside from these select types of trees, the most common time for pruning is in the winter or at the beginning of spring, before the foliage on trees begins to grow.

For more information about tree pruning in NJ, and the other services that we offer, contact us at Amazing Tree Services at 973-343-6868 today!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tree Pruning in Passaic County

Imagine your yard as an orchestra. One glimpse into your yard, and you see that everything is blending in perfect harmony. Your green grass is providing the foundation – the bass, if you will. The roses are hitting their notes as altos, and the daisies are performing amazingly as sopranos but there is something missing. The trees, the tenors, are simply not bringing the piece together. They look sickly, and not up to the task. Tree pruning in Passaic County can help your lawn reach total and complete harmony.

Amazing Tree Service has been in the industry for many years and ensures quality workmanship and service. We are a fully insured tree services company that provide its clients with the best in tree pruning in Passaic County. Our cosmetic tree pruning services are designed so that dead or diseased limbs will be removed and your tree will be restored back to its original healthy state. One of the methods we use is decreasing the size of the canopy of the tree, which in effect, will increase the amount of light that reaches the lawn. This increased sunlight will improve the overall health of the lawn.

Tree pruning in Passaic County also decreases the number of branches on your tree, which is beneficial because it will decrease the number of branches near your home or structures that can cause possible danger. By calling Amazing Tree Service you can return your trees back to health so that your lawn will be able to end the show with a masterpiece! Call us at: 973-343-6868!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tree Removal Service in Passaic County

Trees, like all living things, are vibrant and beautiful beings. Just like living things, though, they too will eventually wilt and die. It is important to know how to deal with your tree if you need to remove it. Despite this, many Passaic County residents will have neither the expertise nor the experience in dealing with tree removal. In order to provide your tree with the best services, make sure to speak with a professional tree removal service in Passaic County. Make sure to speak to Amazing Tree Services for all of your tree removal needs.

At Amazing Tree Service, we hold ourselves to very high standards so that you receive only the best tree removal service in Passaic County. Our team of expert tree professionals can accurately determine the nature of your tree's problem in order to provide the best removal service. Dealing with a tree that needs to be removed can be quite messy as well, with excess pieces of wood and chips to deal with. Our tree professionals also make sure to thoroughly clear up the tree area after the service is done, leaving your property neat and clean.

Amazing Tree Services owns and operates all of its own machinery. You can rest easy knowing that the tree removal service in Passaic County you hire can take full responsibility for its own tools and machinery. We take all means necessary to minimize risk and complications while maximizing productivity and efficiency in our tree services.

If you have a tree that is dead, be smart and hire a reputable tree removal service in Passaic County like Amazing Tree Services. Call us today at 973-343-6868 to get all of your questions or concerns answered by a tree professional and even get a free quote!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fast and Efficient NJ Stump Removals

You pull up into your driveway after a long day of work only to see the remains of a tree that was cut down months before. You kept telling yourself that you would get to it sooner or later, but by the looks of the tree stump, it is not going anywhere. You make a note to find a good NJ stump removal company but don't know of any reputable places. If this is the case, Amazing Tree Services is the place to go for your tree stump grinding and removal needs!

Although many NJ residents and families will opt to leave a tree stump on their lawn, this can in fact be very damaging for your lawn. The tree stump removal process can prevent the occurrence of bugs and weeds on and around the stump while also enhancing the overall health of your lawn.

Amazing Tree Services' team of tree specialists have years of experience in dealing with NJ stumpremoval and grindings. As such, the removal process is very swift and is performed safely and efficiently. Our specialists' technical skill and use of heavy machinery prepare them for dealing with any kind of tree stump removal. Depending on what you prefer, our tree professionals can either provide you with the wood chips following the grinding and removal or haul the stump away and out of your site.

When dealing with a leftover tree stump that needs to be removed, be sure to speak to Amazing Tree Services. We provide only the best in customer support and NJ stump removal services. For questions or comments, or simply to speak to knowledgeable tree expert, give us a call today at 973-343-6868. Call us now and receive a free stump grinding estimate!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tree Trimming Service in NJ

Does one of your trees have a weakened or falling branch? Do some of your limbs look sickly or diseased? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may need tree trimming and pruning services in NJ. Luckily, there is a tree service company that is capable of doing this and much much more.

Amazing Tree Service provides fully insured and guaranteed tree trimming and pruning services in NJ. A tree with a falling branch can be quite a serious predicament. This scenario can cause harm to surrounding homes or structures or even to pedestrians that are near the area. Call in our experts so that they can evaluate the situation and provide you with exceptional tree trimming and pruning services in NJ.

We own all of the equipment and machinery necessary to perform tree trimming and pruning services in NJ,so our clients can be reassured that the job will be done properly the first time and at the lowest price possible!

Call Amazing Tree Services today if you have a branch in danger of breaking off. A tree professional will discuss your options for tree trimming and pruning services in NJ and other tree services that are available. Call us today at 973-343-6868!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tree Pruning in NJ

It’s that time of the year when the look of your backyard and front lawn matters. Do you have dead or diseased trees? Perhaps you spot damaged tree limbs or branches that are ruining the image of your lawn, and maybe even your section of the neighborhood. Don’t you want beautiful, healthy looking trees? Maybe it’s time for you to consider tree pruning in NJ.

With the help of professionals, dead and diseased trees can easily be cured. Whether it is for your home or work place, your trees can be revived with one call to Amazing Tree Services. We can provide you with services specializing in tree removal, tree trimming, and tree pruning in NJ. Amazing Tree Services is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Our crew of tree technicians is fully insured and can provide all of the machinery, vehicles and equipment used to get the job done!

Tree pruning in NJ can help improve the health of your trees and grass, leaving your lawn nice and green. It can also help avoid any damages to your house windows and roof, by eliminating any branches or limbs that extend too far out. Speak to an expert today at 973-343-6868, to get a free estimate of our tree pruning services. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tree Removal in NJ

It's finally the summertime, so what better time to clean up your yard than now? That big tree that is leaning a little bit too far toward your house, or the tree that seems to be dying near your sidewalk, may just need to be removed. For tree removal in NJ, call Amazing Tree Services! The trained professionals at Amazing Tree Services run a fully guaranteed and insured tree company in NJ.

At Amazing Tree Services, we provide a tree removal service that will remove trees if they are in danger of falling or that are dead or dying. With complex machinery and experience, our professionals will remove your tree with safety and ease!

Once we remove your tree, we offer to chop it up into firewood for you. This way, we recycle the tree, making it more useful to you than it may ever have been before.

We will also clean up the area when we are done with our tree removal service. We will make the area immaculate, free of debris from the tree removal process.

In addition to tree removing, we also do tree trimming, tree pruning, stump grinding, firewood, seasonal cleanups, snow plowing and numerous crane services. We specialize in these services in Essex County, Morris County and Passaic County.

For your free tree service estimate, or for more information, call us at 973-343-6868 today! You can also go online on our website to get a free estimate now!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stump Grinding in Passaic County, NJ

After having Tree Removal in Passaic County, NJ performed, your lawn or yard looks like a smooth grassland, symmetry as far as the eye can see. The beauty is breathtaking until one simple thing ruins the tranquility of the scene, a stump. Luckily, there is a company that deals with Stump Grinding in NJ and can restore the harmony back to your lawn. Amazing Tree Services provides, amongst many tree services, professional stump removal and stump grinding in NJ. Amazing Tree Services has both the heavy machinery and technical skill to handle these and many other tree services safely and efficiently. Depending on the customers' preference, we can do two things with the stump, our crew will either grind the stump and provide you with wood chips, or completely haul the stump away. We understand that some customers will leave a stump on their property because they think it will reduce cost but there is a danger that resides. These stumps often attract bugs and weeds therefore Stump removal in NJ is important. Stump Removal and Stump Grinding in Passaic County, NJ can also increase the value of your house as well as it can enhance the health of the surrounding vegetation. If you have any questions about removing a stump or any other tree service do not hesitate to call us at: 973-343-6868!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Amazing Tree Trimming Services

In many domestic areas, trees can be a property's best friend and worst enemy. For all of their worth as aesthetic additions to domestic and even commercial properties, they can obstruct  people's views and potentially be safety hazards. Sometimes, though, all a tree needs is a nice trimming to set the right mood and environment. Amazing Tree Services offers fully insured and guaranteed tree trimming service in NJ.

Most issues arise when a large tree has a damaged or broken branch, or one that is hanging too low to the ground; these are all potential dangers for pedestrians in the area, as well as general eye-sores. Amazing Tree Services is your one-stop place for trimming of these problem branches and other common tree issues. Our tree specialists can assess the options for your situation in a fast and professional manner.

Amazing Tree Services deals with tree trimming and pruning in NJ but also deals with tree removals and stump grindings. Speak to a representative now by dialing 973-343-6868 for more information about your issue. Also, visit our webpage and fill out a contact form to get a FREE estimate about your tree situation now!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

NJ Tree Pruning

As the weather continues to gets warmer, plants and trees are sprouting beautifully. However trees are growing wildly causing a concern in New Jersey resident. Tree pruning, removes all weak and damaged branches that may cause fatal accidents. Also this ensures the growth of your garden and plants. To develop a beautiful landscape, NJ tree pruning is considered highly essential to produce a stronger heighten trees. Tree pruning provide proper tree growth to receive maximum sunlight which overall produces a stronger faster growing gardens. Amazing Tree Service is the leading NJ tree company that offers affordable tree pruning, tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding. With affordable NJ tree pruning and landscaping you will be able to enjoy the green in your yard, while saving the green in your wallet. NJ Tree  pruning assist trees to grow in a straight heighten direction, which increases sunlight range to produce a stronger garden. Routine pruning also removes dangerous weak branches that may potentially fall in any harsh condition. Amazing Tree Services first priority is safety, which is why we strongly recommend routine tree prunings. While protecting your family and garden from weak fable branches you also boost trees to grow stronger and more desirable. Amazing Tree Service is highly dedicated to provide every customer with amazing customer services, healthier trees, and provides the most efficient service at affordable prices. We are a fully insured tree company in NJ operating in Morris County, Passaic County, Essex County and all parts of New Jersey.
We supply our own trucks, cranes, tools and men to ensure a faster, efficient and affordable service. Get the best of both worlds and contact Amazing Tree Service for a free estimate 973-343-6868.

The Amazing Tree Service Company

As the weather gets better in Northern Jersey, yard work becomes more and more important. One of the most important parts of a yard are its trees. If the trees are not in tip-top shape, they become less aesthetically pleasing and may cause more harm than good to the yard. There is however, a Tree Company in NJ that understands this and can perform a plethora of services that can help your trees look better and become healthier.We offer Tree Pruning Services in NJ that provide a multitude of benefits for our clients. One benefit is that this process will get rid of dead or diseased limbs that are obstructing from the trees beauty and hindering the trees health. The Tree Trimming Services in NJ also decrease the size of the trees canopy which then allows for more sun to reach the grass which then makes the grass healthier. Our expertly trained and fully insured crew can perform other tasks that could could also benefit your trees such as crown raising, crown cleaning, understory reduction and more. Amazing Tree Services holds the prestigious certified arborist credential, which means that our staff has three or more years of full-time, eligible, practical work experience in arboriculture and/or a degree in the field of arboriculture, horticulture, landscape architecture, or forestry from a regionally accredited educational institute. This means that when it comes to the best in Tree Services in NJ, you can count on Amazing Tree Service to get the job done right due to our loads of experience and expertise. Why go for good, when you can trust in Amazing! Call us at: 973-343-6868!