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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tree Removal in NJ: Cabling Trees in NJ

Has your tree been recently damaged, and you are unsure if you need tree removal in NJ? While our tree experts have the equipment and methods to remove any tree from your property, some try extending a tree's life with cabling trees in NJ. This is a costly service that requires maintenance and supervision, and it still might not be a successful endeavor. If you are unsure if you need tree removal in NJ, call our experts to help you decide.

When companies perform cabling on damaged or potentially hazardous trees, cables or rods are installed throughout the tree for anchoring support. While companies are quick to perform this costly service, you may be postponing the inevitable. In many cases, the damaged tree has reached the end of its natural life, requiring tree removal in NJ, but instead a homeowner has been sold on cabling trees in NJ - a service that may provide no benefit to the dying tree.

As well, the cabling method requires annual inspection to ensure they are properly installed. This method requires replacement of these cables after some years, which is typically not considered into the initial cost. Even after all of that, cabling trees in NJ is not a guaranteed way to prolong your tree's life, and it may still suffer from, or cause, structural damage.

When you are unsure if you require tree removal in NJ, make sure to call Amazing Tree Services first to make sure you are saving time and money. You can always plant a new tree, but once one is structurally damaged, it poses a hazard to trees near it as well as to your home.

As well as tree removal in NJ, we provide the following:

Cabling trees in NJ may not be the best method for your property. Tree removal in NJ may be the best option for the safety of nearby trees, your home, and your family.

Our professional tree experts are happy to assist you and answer any questions you have about tree removal in NJ, as well as cabling trees in NJ. For more information, call Amazing Tree Services today at 973-343-6868.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Commercial Tree Services in NJ

Is your business, campus, or property in need of commercial tree services in NJ? With our own fleet of trucks, cranes, tools, and supplies, we are sure to handle any tree modification your commercial area requires. Perhaps you are looking to entice new residents or tenants with well-maintained and structured trees that can raise curb appeal. Amazing Tree Services has the skills and professional staff required to make sure your land looks great with our commercial tree services in NJ.

While making your outdoors area look great provides a beneficial aesthetic, sometimes trees can pose as hazards on your property, becoming a liability for you and your business. With high professional standards and equipment, we can remove dangerous trees from your property without interfering with your work.

Likewise, our commercial tree services in NJ can provide students on campus with beautifully trimmed trees to rest and study under. On your business property, they provide relaxing aesthetics for your employees during breaks. Whatever your reason for commercial tree services in NJ, Amazing Tree Services can provide your commercial property with gorgeous and safe trees for shade, enjoyment, or study.

Our commercial tree services in NJ include:

When you speak with us, we will help devise the best plan to create the outdoor area you're looking for, to your specifications. Our fully insured and guaranteed professionals work quickly to make sure your trees are looking great on - or are safely removed from - your premises.

For more information on how Amazing Tree Services's commercial tree services in NJ can improve your outdoor area, call us today at 973-343-6868.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tree Topping in NJ

When a tree grows too big for your yard and creates a hazard, you might consider tree topping in NJ. While this practice has been picking up in NJ and elsewhere, it may not be the best method for tree trimming in NJ and, in many cases, creates more problems for your tree and property. Our professional tree experts know how to handle tree reduction with tree trimming in NJ, tree pruning in NJ and in some cases, tree lopping in NJ. Our service methods are more practical than the immediate and indiscriminate tree topping method, which can kill a tree or cause unwanted regrowth.

What is Tree Topping?

Tree topping in NJ is essentially a chainsaw brush-stroke across the top of an entire tree, wiping away every limb to reduce its size on your property. This practice takes little consideration for the tree, which can pose serious problems down the line.

Tree Topping Problems

Trees are internally equipped to repair wounds, like severed branches. However, when all branches are suddenly topped off, a tree cannot properly heal or close its wounds. Like our own cuts and scrapes left open, the tree becomes susceptible to infection after tree topping in NJ. For trees, this comes as insect infestation or wood decay--a problem that can infiltrate the entire tree and slowly kill it.

Under stress, a tree will do whatever necessary for survival. When tree topping in NJ occurs, most leaves are removed in the process--a tree's main food source--and it will quickly try to replenish them. If the starving tree does not have enough energy, it will die. Similarly, a tree under stress will try to regrow its lost limbs as quickly as possible. In some cases, it will do so rapidly--leaving you with the exact problem you had in the first place.

A Better Remedy

Tree topping in NJ causes more problems than solutions. When you require expert tree care, Amazing Tree Services' trained professionals provide the best methods for proper tree trimming in NJ--or in a few cases, careful tree lopping in NJ to remove a few larger branches without disrupting the tree's health. We will address your concerns with potentially hazardous trees, keeping them safe and healthy with careful tree trimming in NJ services.

Before you decide on tree topping in NJ, make sure you know your options. Call Amazing Tree Services for expert tree trimming in NJ to ensure your trees are well-maintained and safe on your property at: 973-343-6868.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Tree Removal Cost in North NJ

Are you interested in having a tree removed from your property, but would like to know much it costs? The truth is, tree removal is not a one price fits all service. There are many factors that are considered when appraising your tree’s removal price. At Amazing Tree Services, we carefully inspect the tree, the property it’s on and its condition to properly and accurately give you a fair estimate for your tree removal cost in North NJ. First, let us help you get a better idea of the factors that play into pricing out the removal of a tree.


This is probably obvious, but the tree’s size ties directly into the price of tree removal service. A tree’s height and circumference dictate the difficulty of the tree removal process and the amount of time and preparation it would take to safely remove the tree from your property. For instance, a tree that’s a mere 25 feet tall might cost anywhere from $150 to $500. However, once you jump past the 25 ft mark and head into trees of 25 ft-75 ft, you are looking at about $200 to $1,000. Any tree taller than 75 ft can cost an upwards of $1500.


Believe it or not, different species of trees come with different price tags for tree removal services. For instance, the Oak Tree, a common tree type in NJ, features very strong and sturdy wood, adding to the amount of time needed to properly remove the tree. A typical Oak Tree costs roughly $200-$1000. Pine Trees aren’t as difficult to remove, but they can grow much taller than your average, oak, which could make the price jump.


A dead tree that has fallen is relatively much easier to remove than a lively, standing tree. Due to the fact that it has already fallen, these dead trees can be removed for as little as $75, depending on how large the fallen tree is. A strong, living tree would take more labor to properly cut through and safely bring down, thus driving the cost up due to length of time necessary. If a tree is still standing, yet is dead and/or has rotted, the amount of labor needed to remove it won’t be as heavy as a living tree, bringing the cost down.

These figures are all approximations - in order to get an accurate tree removal estimate in NJ, It’s important to have a tree removal professional take a look at the tree you would like removed beforehand. If there is a tree on your property you need removed and would like to inquire about the cost, contact Amazing Tree Services at 973-343-6868. A tree removal technician will come to your home and appraise your tree removal cost in North NJ and give you a fair and accurate estimate. We look forward to providing you with an accurate and competitive tree removal cost in North NJ quote.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Tree Inspection in NJ

If you are uncertain that a tree on your property might be a hazard, you need a tree inspection in NJ. It almost sounds like a doctor's check-up, and in many ways, it is. During a tree inspection, an Arborist or professional checks the vitality of trees and shrubs on your property to make sure they are not infected or dead. Should a professional find that a tree--or trees--on your property may cause harm to your property in the future, you will need tree removal in NJ before damage occurs.

You wouldn't think that trees get infected by disease, but some can spread throughout plants or entire trees, creating large problems for your yard and property. Verticillium, a fungal disease, can bring slow or quick death to a tree--but in either case, must be treated before it poses a hazard. This disease blocks essential water and nutrient flow throughout the tree and can easily be seen by patches of brown, wilted leaves.  Worst of all, the fungal virus can affect future trees you plant in the area of the infected tree. Tree inspection in NJ can diagnose this problem and help you come up with the best remedy. Depending on the stage of infection, you may need tree removal in NJ to solve the problem.

While determining whether a plant is healthy or sick is fairly simple (wilted branches, dead limbs, less or no leaves), deciphering between a diseased tree and a dead tree can be trickier. Experts provide tree inspection in NJ for precisely these situations, because while a diseased tree may be saved, a dead tree only poses a liability. Many signs indicate your tree is in trouble, including dead, dry wood, cracks splitting through the bark, and decay (difficult to see as it occurs inside out). Tree inspection in NJ will determine the problem with your tree, steps to bring it back to health, or may suggest tree removal in NJ.

Whether you have noticed differences in your tree over months or years, or if you are concerned that your tree may be susceptible to viruses, you should call for tree inspection in NJ. Our professionals work with home and commercial property owners to ensure safety and longevity for your trees. Our free tree service estimate can put to rest any concerns you have, and we're sure to provide the best methods for tree inspection in NJ or, if necessary, tree removal in NJ.

If you require tree removal in NJ or you are having doubts about your trees, call Amazing Tree Services for a tree inspection in NJ at: 973-343-6868.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tree Service in Morristown, NJ

Are you looking for a tree service in Morristown, NJ? Look no further than Amazing Tree Services! Located in the heart of north New Jersey, our experienced tree care experts provide Morristown, NJ residents and business owners with affordable and reliable tree care. Let us help you with tree care services you can depend on!

At Amazing Tree Services, we take pride in providing our local Morristown community with professional and safe tree services. Whether you need tree service in Morristown, NJ for your home or local business, our experienced and knowledgeable tree specialists can help you. We provide a wide variety of affordable and reliable tree services, including:

When it comes to affordable and reliable tree services, there isn't a tree service project we can't handle. If you are looking for a tree service in Morristown, NJ to help you with all of your tree care needs, contact Amazing Tree Services today at 973-343-6868. We look forward to helping you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Commercial Tree Services in NJ

Do you own a business that has trees on its property? Keep them in check with Amazing Tree Services! We provide affordable and reliable commercial tree services in NJ. Our experienced tree care professionals can properly maintain the trees on your outdoor property to keep them looking great while ensuring your property and its occupants' safety.

For years, Amazing Tree Services has been providing professional commercial tree services in NJ to a wide variety of businesses. Whether you are the building owner of an office park or run a retail store, our tree care specialists can ensure the trees on your commercial property are properly maintained and taken care of. Do you need a tree removed or a tree stump pulled out? Our experienced and trained tree care experts can perform all the tree services you need! We assure you that our commercial tree services are done with safety and efficiency first.

If your commercial property has trees that need to be trimmed, pruned or removed, don't hesitate! Let Amazing Tree Services help you with all of your commercial tree services in NJ. If you are interested in our services and would like a free tree service estimate in NJ, call us at 973-343-6868. We look forward to helping you take care of the trees at your commercial property!