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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Tree Tips

During the autumn months, tree limbs falling is a large risk that must be considered by home and business owners during their seasonal preparations. Amazing Tree Services helps clients throughout Northern New Jersey take care of their trees and ensure that people as well as property is safe from the potential of falling branches. Take some time and go over these fall tree care tips that will help you stay on top of yard maintenance.
  1. Spray for insects around the trees, since fall and winter is when these pests can burrow farther into a tree and cause serious damage.
  2. Keep mulch at least six inches from the trunk of a tree to prevent mold and fungal growth.
  3. Fertilize and feed your trees, keeping the pH level where it should be for the winter. Problems with pH can make limbs brittle and decaying.
  4. Scan your trees for weak unions and branch connections. If a new branch is growing on a weakened trunk, the weight can be too much for the tree to support.
  5. Make sure that you spend time watering your tree while you can, so that the roots and main trunk have as much nutrients and water as they will need for the coming months. Failing to do this can weaken your tree.
  6. If there are fallen trees or branches, take them off the property as soon as you can. These are not only breeding grounds for mold and insects, but can also contaminate healthy trees with disease and mold.
  7. Get pruning done to ensure that the branches that are a danger to walkways and homes are removed before it is too late.
  8. Chop up fallen branches for safety and to reduce the weight of a tree in the event of snowfall and wind.

These are only a few of the tips that the experts at Amazing Tree Service can provide to customers who are hunkering down for the winter. Preparation now could save you time and money down the road, so take some time and speak with an arborist on the best way to take care of your trees without resorting to a tree removal.

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