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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Does Money Grow On Trees?

A recent survey in Australia has published results that gold deposits are actually being absorbed by the roots of eucalyptus and transporting microscopic amounts of gold to the leaves of these trees. While it has been known by scientists for some time that plants can absorb minerals, the idea that trees can indicate the presence of gold underground spells exciting changes to come in the field of gold prospecting.

The eucalyptus tree can have roots that dig over 100 feet underground in search of water – an adaptation necessary to live in the arid Australian climate – and apparently these roots have literally struck gold. The amount of gold is extremely small that is carried inside the tree itself, about 80 parts per billion in the leaves, but the sign of the gold inside the plant signals that the area is rich in the mineral deposits and can lead to startling advances in the mining industry.

Unfortunately, there are no trees in North Jersey that are known to absorb gold. Despite this fact, trees are an important part of the cosmetic and environmental aspects of the towns and parks that we love so much, and a world-class tree company in New Jersey can help you with any tree issue you have efficiently and quickly. If you have more questions about the trees in your area, talk to an expert today by calling 973-343-6868.

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