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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

COVID-19 Safe Tree Service

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What to Do When A Tree Falls On Your Home?

Storms and thunder wait for no one, not even a pandemic. When a storm comes, a thunder rolls out that is as loud as if the sky is falling, lightning strikes the ground with a strong jolt of electricity, rain pounds as if it is ready to wash down your house with its strong flow and strong winds blow that warn to destroy things. And so in so much force and disaster, a lot of times, the trees even after their strong roots, rip off and are blown to distances. At instances, god forbid, they can even fall on your house. This is a dangerous situation and so quick COVID-19 safe tree service is required.

Now here is what you need to do in such a situation:

  • Call 911 immediately

  • If a tree falls on the electricity lines in front of your home then the situation can fast escalate into a fire break out. Hence, it is important that you slowly and carefully turn off the power at your place (if you can). Then the next step is to inform the authorities about what has happened. And also call your electric company.

  • Shut off the gas line

  • Gas lines are buried underground and hence it is possible that when the tree got ripped off its roots damaged your gas line. So as a precaution, you may want to turn off your gas line and call your gas company. They might be able to tell you if any damage has occurred or not.

  • Call a COVID-19 safe tree service

  • Your next step should be to place a call at the COVID-19 safe tree service to inform them of the circumstances. The tree service should get to you fast and start working at removing the tree as quickly and as carefully as possible. Things should be done in a manner so to ensure that no further damage is caused.

  • Call repair services

  • Once the tree has been removed and you have taken an account of the damage that your house has sustained maybe you would like to place a call to the repair services. They will repair your doors or windows or whatever needs to be repaired in a swift and smooth manner.

    So, these are some steps that you should take if, a tree falls on your house during a storm. Also, remember to not panic. Getting anxious and losing control won’t do you any good.

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