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Monday, September 28, 2015

Commercial Tree Services in NJ

This fall, prepare your trees for the upcoming winter with our commercial tree services in NJ. This year, we’ve experienced a drought that’s caused early foliage for much of the state. Instead of striking reds and yellows we’ve seen many leaves simply turn brown, curl up, and fall. While early foliage makes for poor hikes and views, it also potentially creates dieback in trees which can cause potential danger for any structures in the vicinity of the tree. Our professional team offers free estimates for our commercial tree services in NJ and promptly provides expert service with the right knowledge, tools, and years of experience to keep your property safe and looking beautiful.

When drought occurs, as it has in NJ over the past weeks, trees don’t receive the right amount of water they need to survive. Dieback means that a tree is in danger of dying within the next year or two. Dieback can be difficult to spot because it typically occurs from the crown of the tree downward. You may notice some healthy looking branches next to barren, dead branches. Premature leaf coloration and early leaf-dropping are general symptoms of dieback, which can mean that the tree will die within a year or two. A dying or dead tree on your commercial property not only jeopardizes your office, but becomes a liability if any of the branches begin to fall. Our commercial tree services in NJ can prevent damage by assessing the trees on your property and offering a remedy, whether it be tree trimming, tree pruning, or tree removal.

For trees that have not experienced early color change, you can prevent dieback by watering the trees weekly until winter. Two to five gallons of water per week should keep them hydrated when there has been little rainfall, and keep them healthy throughout the winter. Our commercial tree services in NJ can prune any dead tree branches in late fall that might cause a tree disease or house insects that can cause havoc on the remaining healthy branches. If you are applying mulch before winter to control moisture and temperature to the roots, you should always purchase one that promotes root growth. Commercial tree services in NJ maintained regularly throughout the year will create a stronger tree, much more capable of withstanding foraging animals, snow accumulations, drought, and branch breakage in winter.

We provide commercial tree services in NJ to the following areas:
We also serve communities in Passaic County, Morris County, Essex County, and Bergen County. For expert commercial tree services in NJ performed efficiently and at competitive prices, call Amazing Tree Services today at (973) 343-6868.

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